Lifeguards are expected to:

  • Maintain the safety of the patrons in and around the pool
  • Represent the office of UREC by maintaining a professional attitude
  • Communicate and enforce all UREC regulations and pool rules in a personable and professional manner
  • Communicate any potentially dangerous elements of the facility to the Aquatics Coordinator
  • Attend all scheduled staff meetings
  • Participate in and help facilitate staff training
  • Perform patron surveillence with a rescue tube from the guard stand
  • Remain alert and use all senses while guarding
  • Work as a team with other lifeguards during special events
  • Record daily participation numbers and complete daily activity reports
  • Test the water, record results and repord imbalances to the supervisor
  • Set up the pool for various activities such as laps, classes, etc.
  • Be able to respond to an emergency and contact/activate EMS
  • Handle all incidents in a manner appropriate to your training
  • Complete all injury reports in black or blue ink
  • Assist Publicity Programmers in keeping the community informed of pool activities
  • Perform other duties as assigned


If you are unable to complete a shift, you are to find a subsitute for your shift, fill out the subsitute form and turn it in to your supervisor accordingly.

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